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  Dodge Charger Limousine

Everything you need.

Dodge Charger Limousine

Did someone ask for a Hemi?! You asked for it, we got it. Causing a mix of excited conversation, the Dodge Charger Limo has to be seen to be believed. The White with Black Tuxedo-Top gives this limousine a sleek, influential, yet elegant look. When seen from the outside, the Dodge Charger Limo gives the feeling that you are living on the edge. Its sharp sleek looks make you want to be the attraction that comes with it. Dodge Charger Limousine Interior The minute this Dodge Charger Limousine rolls up, it steals the spot light! Don't you want to be part of that action? There is enough room for you and 9 of your friends to have a comfortable ride, all the while feeling like the next super star.

The outside of the Dodge Charger Limo is only a hint of what you'll find inside. Fiber Optic lighting, star-gazer mirrored ceilings and bars, wow, you can't ask for more. Just when you thought you had the ultimate vehicle, there's more. You'll want to bring your DVDs and CDs with this fully loaded limo offering two flat screen TVs, and an AM-FM CD Stereo.

Keep the Privacy divider up between you and your chauffeur so you can have your time alone with your company. Maintain the ice chest with your beverage of choice, and don't forget the champagne that you can store in the champagne holder.

Now, you have everything you need, the Dodge Charger Limo is your limo of choice.

If you would like to make the Dodge Charger Limousine part of your special event, request a quote today!