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How To Choose A Limo Service

When choosing a limousine service, there are 3 important things to think about: insurance, chauffeurs, and reputation.

In the limo service industry, like in most industries, you get what you pay for. Some limo companies may run without insurance to save cost, have inexperienced chauffeurs, and/or older limousines. None of these things bode well for your Limo experience.

  Insurance is a must.

LimoIt is in your best interest to ask a limo service to provide a proof of insurance before you rent the limo.  Imagine if your limousine was in an accident and you were injured.  If a limousine is not properly insured they are not required to cover the costs of your injuries.  A limousine company should carry valid, current insurance protection for their fleet and should have no problem showing it to you.  A limo company is required by Michigan law to carry at least $1 million in bodily injury and property damage liability insurance for a limousine that carries 1 to 9 passengers and $2 million for a limousine that carries 10 to 15 passengers.

Entertainment Express carries $5 million in coverage on all vehicles, with full worker's compensation insurance.

  Chauffeurs need professional training.

Detroit LimoThere is a reason you are hiring a limo service in the first place.  You want your limousine to be on time, exciting and entertaining.  Don’t have your experience ruined by an inexperienced and un-safe chauffeur because you chose a mediocre limo service.  All chauffeurs should be professionally trained and have their commercial drivers license.

Entertainment Express’ chauffeurs all have a valid commercial driver’s license and carry a valid motor vehicle record with them at all times.  Prior to hiring, provided they are an acceptable candidate based on their motor vehicle record, each chauffeur goes through a prescreening conducted by our insurance company and in-house trainer before hiring.  We have an extensive chauffeur training program in conjunction with the “Limousine & Chauffeured Transportation” certification program offered by Scott Mezger, President of Executive Chauffeuring School.

  Reputation is extremely important.

Limo services out there are known to “farm” their business.  That means they don’t actually own their vehicles.  They merely take on your reservation and “farm” it out to a local company.  You are at high risk if you hire a company like this because once the reservation is “farmed” the company you booked with loses all control over your engagement.  Make sure you get references from your limo service to make sure you are dealing with a reputable company.

Entertainment Express is a member of the Better Business Bureau, Detroit Metropolitan Convention Bureau, Great Lakes Limousine Association and National Limousine Association.


 Check out your Limo Service

It is also a good idea to visit the limousine company before hiring them.  By visiting you will see the cars available and will make sure they meet your standards.  Some companies are able to charge lower prices because their limos are older and worn-out looking.

Feel free to stop by Entertainment Express to view our limos, talk with our staff, and get to know us. Check out our Contact Page for details on how to reach us.

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